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Moda - Standing Seam Metal Roofing

If you have ever driven through a neighborhood in Texas, Oklahoma or Arkansas you have probably seen these Standing Seam Metal roofs on homes.  Standing Seam Metal roofs are one of the choices of roofing companies when roofing homes. This is due in part to durability of Standing Seam Metal roofs and the look. They are not  inferior in any way and are simply a different design that with stands more wind and hail damage than other roofing systems.

Standing Seam Metal roofs come in many different colors and are a little more in the way of cost but they make up for it in longevity. A Standing Seam Metal roof can handle winds in between 150 mph and up. They are built to withstand the toughest weather but can dent and discolor over time. They typically have a high fire rating from the Underwriters Laboratories and come with a Lifetime transferable manufacturing warranty.

At Moda Roof and Fence Company we offer a number of different Standing Seam metal roofing designs and brands. If you know someone looking for a quality roofing company or roofing contractor to replace their roof, we would love to earn your business. Moda Roof and Fence Company has replaced 100's of roofing systems with Standing Seam Metal roofing systems throughout Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas. We have highly trained roof inspectors that can assist homeowners and business owner with a roofing system that best suits their needs. With a combined 15 years of service in the roofing industry we have the knowledge and experience to help our roofing customers with all their roofing needs.

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