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Cedar Fence Installer Services

Looking for a quality cedar fence installer? Moda Roof and Fence specializes in custom and quality cedar fence installations. Cedar Fences can beautify your home, they are also one of the best wood fence materials you can construct a fence from. At Moda Roof and Fence Company we use only the highest quality cedar to erect our fences. We use top grade cedar lumber to ensure the quality of our fences will last our customers for years to come.

What most fence companies don't tell their customers is the grade of cedar lumber used in constructing their fence does matter. Lower grade cedar lumber used to construct cedar fences tends to contain many knots, this cheaper lumber also tends to be much thinner. This can cause the cedar pickets to crack over time, leaving your new cedar fence looking not so new. At Moda Roof and Fence we try our very best to take this probability out of the equation and by providing only top grade cedar lumber on our new fences.

Cedar fences come in many different styles. We assist our customers with finding the best cedar fence option for their budgets. In many cases we can custom build our customers cedar fences to the exact style and design. Our fence experts go over a number of different options during the estimate. They provide our customers with the pros and cons of each design. We believe this in part separates us from our competitors.

If you or someone you know is looking for a quality cedar fence installation, we at Moda would love to earn your business. All our fence estimates are free of charge and come with no obligation to purchase. Contact our office today to schedule your cedar fence estimate and we will provide you with $100 off, just for choosing our company.

As always we would like to thank you for choosing Moda Roof and Fence Company.